SQL Server 2005 Soup to Nuts

There is so much that is new & exciting about SQL Server 2005 that a single presentation or webcast can barely scratch the surface. This Webcast series, presented by Mike Benkovich, dives into different features, exploring how you can take advantage of the new product and make the most of your investment.

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Our Schedule

2/28 - Intro to Report Builder

As soon as a developer creates a new report, someone wants to change it. Find out about the new Report Builder in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that allows end users to customize reports to their liking. In this webcast, we review the process of creating report models, publishing them, and then creating reports against the model.

2/6 - Report Services Basic Training

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services was released in 2004 to provide developers with an easy way to extract and share information captured in a relational database. In this webcast, we explore how to create basic reports, link them to together, and provide end users with a way to get the information they need.

1/31 - User Defined Types

Microsoft SQL Server provides the database administrator and the developer with a lot of functionality out of the box. In SQL Server 2005, there is a new feature that helps you to define new data types for your applications. Join this webcast to find out what is required to create and use the new user-defined types. Learn how these new types can help make you a more effective developer


1/10 - CLR Integration

One of the most exciting features of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is the ability to take advantage of managed code within the database itself. In this webcast, we take an in-depth look at how to build these new project types that enable you to work with data in a whole new way.


12/20 - The new XML Data Type

Explore how the new XML data type can be used to simplify development and application scalability. Why do you care? Besides being a giant leap towards providing an open environment for extending the scalability and performance of your applications and system architectures, this new data type allows the developer to simplify development and implementation process


11/15 - SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

Data Transformation Services (DTS) was introduced in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 to provide a way to move data between different databases and systems. In SQL Server 2005, the DTS engine is named SQL Server Integration Services, and it provides an easier way for you to develop and manage this process. This webcast explores the sources, destinations, and transformations in our toolbox and demonstrates how you can use them to meet your system requirements.


11/1 - What's new in T-SQL

The demands on databases keep increasing-demands to use them in new ways, and demands to sort across new relationships. Wouldn't it be nice if something came along to make database development easier? Something has come along: Transact-SQL (T-SQL) in Microsoft SQL Server 2005.This webcast describes the new features of T-SQL that provide a powerful way to manage relational data and make the developer's life easier. Learn about the new features and functionality in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and how they can help you achieve your goals



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